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PhD to Consulting Method

The step-by-step guide to turning your academic knowledge into a profitable consulting business with almost no startup costs

We believe that PhDs and MAs have skills that others need. More importantly, they will pay for them. That is why we designed this course to help academics use their knowledge to create a thriving consulting business. I used these exact steps to start a publishing and publishing consulting company while still a PhD student that has generated over six figures of income.

By following this step-by-step process, you will be able to start from absolutely nothing and grow into a full-time and profitable consulting business.

You can turn take your valuable knowledge and give it to those who desperately need it by starting a thriving consulting business

We've outlined everything in these 6 modules:

#1 How to Choose Your Niche

This session will help you determine your greatest strengths and how to build a business around those strengths. You won’t help but be good at this job because it is perfectly suited to your talents.

We will determine

  • What things make you excited?
  • What parts of your job that you absolutely enjoy?
  • What are your deepest values, and what do you care passionately about?

#2 How to Build a Website and Online Platform, Even if You Have No Tech Skills

In this module we will go step-by-step in building a professional website. If you don’t know a thing about domain name selection, web hosting, WordPress plugins, or themes, that’s fine. Follow these videos and by end of this module you will have a website that will make you indistinguishable online from a professional consulting firm.

You will also learn

  • What to include on your site to sell to clients
  • How to dominate Twitter
  • How to find clients on Linkedin

#3 How to Find the Perfect Clients

How do you actually find clients?

Instead of using wasteful methods of networking or lead generation we will talk about proven ways to attract and motivate clients to want to buy from you. I will discuss the steps to find the perfect clients, reach them, and provide them value in order to keep them coming back.

#4 How to Lead a Perfect Consulting Session and Get Your Clients to Recommend You to Others

Learn how to make your clients love your services so much that they will go out and tell others how great you are. This creates a chain reaction where more people start coming to you than you can handle. Advertising and self-promotion will be unnecessary because your clients will do it for you.

We will also talk about how to create a contract. That way there are no misunderstanding between you and the client, and no legal problems will come back to haunt you.

#5 How to Grow Your Income By 10x, Become a Paid Public Speaker, and Publish Your Own Book

Once your business is growing, how do you protect yourself from overwhelm and not allow the business to run you? How do you automate processes, such as billing or accounting, client contacts, business maintenance, etc? Furthermore, how do you take the next steps in your consulting career by doing such high-profile things as writing a book or being a paid public speaker?

  • Learn how to create systems that will put most of your business on auto pilot
  • Turn your four-figure income into six figures by becoming a paid public speaker
  • Dominate your niche by publishing your own book

#6 How to Host a Free Webinar that Will Attract Thousands of Potential Clients

One of the best ways to find new clients, grow your audience, and provide them value is by giving a free webinar. Running a free webinar will give you more authority in your niche and create an enhanced experience for your audience.

This session will show you

  • How to set up a free on-air webinar using Google Hangouts
  • What to talk about
  • How to make your audience enjoy the webinar so much that they want to purchase your consulting services.

Your Instructor

Scott Rank, PhD
Scott Rank, PhD

Scott Rank is the lead instructor at the Scholarpreneur Academy. He is a historian of the Ottoman Empire and modern Turkey. He received his PhD in 2015.

Beyond research and teaching, Scott does plenty of non-academic work. He is a publisher of popular history, a podcaster, an online instructor, and an entrepreneur. Before going down the academic route he worked as a journalist in Istanbul and reported on human rights issues.

After starting a successful online publishing business while doing his doctoral research (and while raising two daughters with his wife Melissa), he is focusing on what he loves most: helping academics find ways to connect their knowledge with people who want to learn outside of the walls of a university.

This mission comes from his own experiments in using his doctorate outside of academia. In the middle of his PhD program he started self publishing history ebooks. Since then he has written 12. He still writes them but also teaches academics how to turn their research into a popular book, self-publish it, and market it.

Scott hosts two podcasts. The first is History in Five Minutes, which to date has over 130 episodes and 1.5 million downloads. The second is the Scholarpreneur Podcast, where he features interviews with academics who are turning their MAs and PhDs into businesses.

Lastly, Scott helps MAs and PhDs finish their thesis. He speaks at universities, telling grad students how they can go from writer’s block to finishing their MA thesis in three months or their PhD thesis in six, even if they haven’t finished their research. If you would like to see a sample of Scott speaking and have him at your university,

Scott is currently a postdoc in Istanbul and working on publishing his dissertation.

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